Black Tiny Hand Oh Mom 2: It Happened Again
yararanger: I love you and I'm proud of you every day and I won't ever stop being proud of you every day even when life is at its shittiest, okay <3

I love you so much Pippa ♥ thank you for always being so great and there for me, you mean more to me than words can say c:

yararanger replied to your post: i started to pet my dog and she just turned and…

that face says “da fuq y r u touching me omg gtfo” i need to learn to replicate it for myself

I’m gonna try to learn it too, it’s a very useful face.

yararanger: 5, 7, and 9!

Favorite blogs [that aren’t my friends]: fuckyeahreading, bookshelfporn, archaeologicalnews, zomganthro, gyuri, omgthatdress, kpopcorngifs, kpopteeth, superfreakingnatural, fakescience

idk who I want to follow me tbh. Possibly more feminist kpop fans.

I follow 520 but a lot of them are deleted blogs I can’t unfollow :(

yararanger: dinosaurs + alcohol > cake ?

Cake isn’t a fandom, it’s a way of life.


yararanger: I follow you for cake.

have a Big Bang one then


One thing I think about before sleep? Usually I think about every single horribly awkward encounter and bad decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Said something stupid in 3rd grade? Let’s dwell on that and feel awful for a few. Walk into a desk in front of your class that one time? Let’s feel shame forever.

I have problems sleeping btw.

yararanger replied to your post: As Phoebe would say: “MY EYES! MY EYES!”. Eyebrow-less TOP was already nightmarish… now this? Oh My God. Please STOP this nonsense. How would they feel if they saw those manips? They’re real people, guys.

‘real fucking people’ oh god

that’s not what I meant /cries

yararanger replied to your post: If you were a porn star, would you watch your own porn?

actually, i would get the blu-ray version and get surround sound speakers

this is why I love you

yararanger replied to your post: HELLO MY FAVOURITE SOULLESS PERSON \o/

At some point this week(?) I am going to look up more information about these infinite people because they can’t just be ‘Jam’s one with the teeth and everybody else’

I have a few pimp posts to help! I’m so happy you like them, I love them sfm



yararanger: Age: 5 | Sex and/or Gender: cake | Sexual Orientation: cake | Race and/or Ethnicity: demonic | Field of study and/or field of work: demons, cake | Favorite TV show(s): demons | Favorite book(s): cake | Favorite video game(s): cake demons | Favorite food(s): TOP

You know me so well. :’)

Have a pic of me as reward:

yararanger: oppa I am sad and I have no cake.

I baked you a cake of rainbows, I hope you’re no longer sad.

yararanger: 'Reblog if you want your followers to introduce themselves & make friends with you.' Hi I'm the most awesome person in your life, nice to meet you. Also how did I miss that your tumblr cursor is a cake?????? This is only the greatest thing I have ever seen on anybody's tumblr ever, nbd. *-*

Oh hi, nice to talk to you for the first time ever most awesome person in my life!

And yes, I just changed it yesterday lmao. It goes perfectly with Cake Oppar.

yararanger: Luna Lovegood, Voldemort, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape :|

Luna: Um, I tend to pull my shirt necklines up above my nose when I’m just sitting around. I can’t explain why I do it (I think I started it b/c I smell good and my classrooms didn’t), but I get tons of looks.

Voldemort: Why would I tell you, are you trying to kill me? You’re on my list, Pippa.

Draco Malfoy: The chair I am in is green.

Severus Snape: Whiskey

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